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Kaal Bhairav Temple:

Kaal Bhairav Varanasi


One of the most well known temple of Varanasi which is very closed to the Town Hal, Maidagin is the temple of Kaal Bhairava. When we look into inner courtyard, we come to know that it was built by the maratha king Baji Roa Pesawa - II in the year 1817. Kaal Bhairava is known as Kotwaal (Devine chief of the Police) of Varanasi (Kashi). Kaal means death and time also. It is also assumed that his duty is the duty of god of death in Varanasi (Kashi). Even death is the afraid of Kaal Bhairava. Lord Shiva appointed him as the chief officer of justice. He bears a garland of sculls and clubs of feather of peacock and rides a dog. Threw the doorways of the inner sanctum only his silver face is visible garlanded with flowers. On the wall of the temple good art of painting different deities- Parvati, Radha and gods loke Ganesha, Krishna and Hanuman are nicely painted. The most interesting site is the demonstration of Navagrah (Nine planet). Kaal Bhairava is worshiped for protection, health and well binge. The Sunday is supposed to the most pies day for Kaal Bhairava that is why temple is thickly prouded this day. It is believed that camphor and mustard oil should be burned and offered respectively for desirable results. The area this days remains very much congested and the way that leads to the temple connected with main road links the temple too Machodari Park


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