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Sankat Mochan Temple


Sankat Mochan Varanasi


Varanasi city is famous for temples in the world. So it is also called city of temples. There are many temples in Varanasi. Vishvanath temple, Durga temple, Tulsi Manas temple, Annapurna temple are world famous. Sankat Mochan temple is one of the most important temples of Varanasi city. It is one of the oldest temple. There is idol of lord Hanumaan in it. A large number of people visit the temple in the morning and evening on every Tuesday and Saturday. There are many shops of sweets and flowers outside the temple. Many devotees buy sweet and flowers from these shops and offer to temples. It is said that the idol of Hanumaan in the temple was established by Tulsi. This temple is set in a peaceful area of city. There are many monkeys in this temple. Devoties consider these monkeys as another form of Hanumaan and also offer them sweet and flowers. Many foreigners also visit this temple. They want to took photographs of this temple. But photography is prohibited for every-one. In its calm and peaceful atmosphere people perform their religious rituals and other important function. Many people come here for mental peace and feel relaxed after visit this temple. The door of this temple is open for everyone of any caste, creed or race. They can come and perform their rituals. The birth day of Hanumaan is celebrated in this temple as Mahavir Jayanti with great devotion and show. The whole temple is decorated with flowers and electric bulbs. Grand music performances are held in the compound of this temple. Many devotees visit this temple on this pious day to receive the blessings of Hanumaan. Many people from all parts of India visit.

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