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Varanasi Dashashvamedha Ghat

This is a beautiful ghat to walk and enjoy. Dashasvamedh Ghat is divided into two parts, Dashashvamedh- A and Dashashvamedh- B. In between two parts Prayag Ghat is located. Prayag Ghat replicates the Prayag (Allahabad), a holy city which is located 128 km west from Varanasi. This ghat is recognized by first horse sacrifices performed around 3rd century CE by Bhar Shiva Nagas king. Present form of this ghat is built by Balaji Bajo Rao in 1748. The images of Shitala Devi, Dashashvamedhashavara and Dashashvamedhvara are located within a big compound. Here Lord Brahma (creator) performed Dasha (Ten) Ashva (Hourse) Medha (sacrifice), hence name is Dashashvamedh. The four headed Brahmeshvara Linga is taken for verification of story.


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