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Varanasi Panchaganga Ghat

It is believed that water of Ganga, Varuna, Yamuna, Assi River and two missing streams of Kirana and Dhutapapa, five rivers meet here. Hence the name Panchaganga(Five Ganga). An Alamgir mosque is located on this ghat which is built on the location of 11th century Vishnu Temple. After destruction in 15th century it was re-built by king of Amber in 1585. Finally it was transform into mosque by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb. We can look original black marble Vishnu images near Vindu Madhav temple. Vishnu Vehicle Garud, a bird is also located on the left of the entrance and Hanuman on right of the entrance. Inside the temple Image of Vindu Madahav is located. We can see many images of Shiva Linga on the wall of temple.  


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