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Dev Dipawali


Subah-E-Banaras (Morning of Varanasi) and Shaam-E-Awadh (Evening of Lucknow) are supposed to be two of the best attractive scene of the world. If you want to see the beauty of the morning no place other than Varanasi will please you. The Sun appears in the sky in crimson color and the devotees take dips in the Ganges River with the reverberation Har Har Gange. One to all the temples sends out the different types of mantras and sound of the bell. Even large number of foreigners also come on the ghat and enjoys the rising sun. The devotees, after bathing in the Ganga River, are seem under the wooden umbrella of pandas for roli, chandan and rakshasutra (a components of worship). This is the seen of Subah-E-Banaras. This seen is rare in the world. Perhaps this is the reason, even the foreigners are seen on the ghat capturing the scene.


Dev Dipawali
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